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Sustainability and investment protection

As soon as a development project is finished, all innovation and development stops. This is what those projects teach us, which were sometimes implemented brilliantly, but then stagnated.

Why ?

  • Development budgets are no longer available
  • the main developer(s) are no longer available

But everything is well documented ?

  • Mostly within the scope of development projects often lasting several years
    • very special programming know-how,
    • an individual software architecture
    • as well as a development methodology, how functions and modules are integrated.
  • These factors enable a developing effectiveness, which cannot be reproduced in this way.

What are the consequences ?

  • The effort and thus costs increase enormously, although less budget is available
  • The software philosophy has to be reworked >>> the so-called development hysteresis occurs
  • The risk increases as the structure changes and thus the instability and performance deterioration
  • In addition, the amount of data to be processed increases with increasing use, thus opening up new perspectives.
  • In addition, new technologies constantly raise new expectations.

And how can this be averted ?

  • An operating concept is definitely needed for maintenance and change processes, among other things
  • You definitely need a budget or resources as well as for securing the operation and for further development

It would be best if:

  • a permanent free maintenance and bug fixing by the developer of the application
  • desired changes or extensions are usually realized in small projects with efficient cost/performance ratio

How this can be realized ...